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Scroll down to see key projects that I did

I am a digital artist.

From an early age, using technology for art has played a major role in my life and has been one of my greatest passions.

Scroll down to see key projects that I did


Scroll down to see key projects that I did

Scroll down to see key projects that I did

Scroll down to see key projects that I did

Scroll down to see key projects that I did

Scroll down to see key projects that I did

Scroll down to see key projects that I did

Scroll down to see key projects that I did

The Funlandia Incident film will be accompanied by a VR experience and a real JRPG available to play.


Follow the script writing in the link below

A drama mockumentary about Benjamin, a master game developer, who lost his son, Adam, tragically.


He then tries to get his old life back by recreating Adam's image, based on a diary that he wrote, as an AI-based video game.


The game comes alive and realizes that it might meet the same fate as its precursor

Work In Progress: 
The Funlandia Incident


NOW OPEN-3.png

Cross-Platform Storytelling: 
The Curious Case of Empleh Pizza


An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) telling the story of a man, who sold his soul for an evil corporation and got trapped inside a computer program, forever. 

The clues for this horror-mystery story are scattered throughout different ominous-looking websites, will you be able to find them all?


Join the investigation, that has a fully functioning server built multi-player platformer game, in the link down below (Hint: check out the secret button under "opening hours")


Interactive Storytelling: 


A playful interactive short, experimenting on the meaning and impact of the viewer

I also wrote the music for that, have a look


Creative writing: 
I See It In Your Eyes

A full-length musical.


Featuring 12 original songs. A story about a simple soldier, wishing she could become a lieutenant, but her past is preventing it from her.


Join Dana's epic journey, and check out one of the numbers in the link

Untitled_Artwork 7.png

Over 300 GB of original scores, Scory is my music library and online store. 

Scory was made for the film student. In each score package, you can find synth pads, themes, and little musical trinkets that will make your short film big and professional 

check out the store at the link below

Music Production: 

There's even more...

360º story production: 

Experience two narratives at the same time. Either attend the first date or the breakup. 

With this project I used the 360º environment to create a multi-narrative story, the viewer can select and switch between the two scenarios. 

play the video to participate. 

Eurovision Submition: 
Let Me Sing

Have a listen to one of the Disney-style produced songs I've written.

Also available on Apple Music and Spotify


Live Radio: 
Lofi Tel Aviv

Playing 24/7 lounge music to sit back and relax. 

Currently down for maintenance 

Live Production: 
Yom Ha-student TLV Music Festival

A senior producer and host of one of the largest music festivals in Israel.

The event included performances by the top pop artists, a pool party, DJ performances, Student films, and paintings exhibitions, and more for 12 hours straight.

HTML Production:
The Basement

A simple clickable adventure

You need to find the girl and rescue her.

But, you are about to discover something horrible.

Watch the vids to get a sneak peek


Branching Story Pitch:

Based on the Bioshock character, follow Betty into her past in Poland.

Understanding her origins may explain her future.


Click on the link and see for yourself

Film Scoring:

I wrote the music for a full-length documentary. 

The pictures are from Tel Aviv's International Student Film Festival

TV Scoring:
Westworld Scoring Competition

Watch my entry for the Spitfire's competition in 2020

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