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Tell Your Story with SCORY©

Created for short filmmakers, Scory is a music package that helps establish the desired narrative for short films. Scory provides a wide range of genres and theme lengths.

There are 3 main categories that Scorys are divided into based on length and complexity: Basic Packs, Standard Bundles, and Premium Suites. All Scorys contain a single main theme, multiple sub-themes (melodies and tunes extracted from the main theme), and ambient sounds. Premium Suites also include cinematic pads. 

Each pack has its own feel and Genre. Written in consideration of key, tempo harmony, and melody - Scory packs give the closets feel possible to personally written score to your project

basic packs

  • main theme
  • 2 sub-themes 
  • 3 vocal ambient packs
  • extra basic ambient sounds
suitable for up to 5 minute films

standard bundles

  • extended main theme
  • 3 sub-themes
  • 6 vocal ambient packs
  • extra ambient sounds from the premium library
suitable for up to 10 minute films
  • ​fully orchestrated main theme
  • 4 sub-themes
  • 6 vocal ambient packs
  • extra ambient sounds from our exclusive library,
  • 2 Synthpad packs
  • bonus pack of horror ambient sounds

Premium Suites

suitable for 15 minute
(and above) films
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